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What Up Locals! I started the WhatUpIan locals community because I could not find animated overlays for my Live stream that were Rumble themed. You can find a million animated icons for Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and twitch, but not for Rumble, Locals, or Truth Social. I could not find them because they did not exist yet.

I will be creating new overlays, scene transitions, and looping videos each month. These digital assets will be for supporters only and will be pinned to the top of the news feed each month.

The community has also grown beyond just me. We are a group of creators that want to support other creators, especially on growing platforms like Rumble, Locals, and Truth Social. We have discussions on post related to these platforms and their updates/changes.

Thank you for your interest in our community and I hope you decide to join us! Be sure to say “What Up!”(or hi) when you do!

Community Guidelines

Please respect the following community guidelines to maintain an enjoyable environment:

  • Keep conversation respectful, without personal attacks and foul language.
  • Don’t blow up other members’ feeds. If someone isn’t responding to you, let it be
  • No pornography
  • Keep out behavior that could be seen as trolling/spamming
  • Relax, be yourself, and enjoy

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